Which stallions are available as breeding stallions?

To find out which stallions are available as breeding stallions, you can access our finest selection of stallions through the following link: our breeding stallions
This list will provide you with information about the stallions we offer for breeding, including their pedigrees, breeding qualifications, and availability. Feel free to explore the list to discover the stallion that best fits your breeding goals.

Which stallion should I use for my mare?

When selecting a stallion for your mare, it is essential to consider various factors such as the mare’s conformation, temperament, pedigree, and breeding goals. If you’re uncertain about which stallion would be the best match, we recommend reaching out for personalized consultation. We can provide tailored advice based on your specific needs and preferences. Feel free to contact us for further guidance and assistance.

What are the costs associated with purchasing stallion semen?

Upon ordering you pay the full price upfront for the straws. The total amount for shipment will depend on the final country of destination as follows: within Belgium €90, within the EU €165, Worldwide (America, Australia, etc.) €350. The shipping rates include Health Papers and filling of the container with nitrogen. The containers must be returned within 14 days to the sender. If the container is not returned, we will have to charge you an additional €295 for the cost of the container.

What delivery options are available?

For this breeding season, we offer frozen semen delivery options; fresh semen is not available. Frozen semen provides flexibility in timing and can be stored for future use, allowing for greater convenience in the breeding process.

What if my mare is not in foal?

Should your mare not fall pregnant immediately, we guarantee you three (3) attempts. If your mare should still not be in foal after the three attempts, we are happy to discuss other options with you such as trying another Stallion or trying again with the same Stallion in the following season. Please note that any additional costs or fees associated with trying another stallion or waiting until the next breeding season may apply and should be discussed beforehand.